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Welcome to Waterford is Writing, an online platform aimed at showcasing local writing and celebrating creativity in Waterford City and County. Our first annual short story competition is opening July 1st for submissions, visit our competition page for more information. Open call for submissions closes August 31st 2016. A series of blog entries following the draft of the short story can be followed here.


We publish twice a year and are currently open for submissions in the areas of

  • Fiction
  • Flash Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Memoirs
  • Factual pieces

Throughout the year, we publish book reviews, writing tips and writing prompts together with covering local literary and arts events. We also have an Interview section whereby we conduct interviews with guest speakers in the areas of arts festivals, writing groups, book launches etc.

Delve into our site and lose yourself in the words of others, never forgetting that your own words are waiting patiently to be unveiled.



Dymphna Nugent


Waterford is Writing



29 thoughts on “Welcome Page

  1. Hi I’m delighted to read about this new writing platform I write a bit myself .I’m local (a clare woman who has been embraced by Ferrybank) and it will be great to read and delve into other people’s work

  2. Can you tell me please is this competition open to anyone around the country or does one have to be from Waterford City or County. I live in Tipperary and am from Wexford originally. Anne

  3. This seems very interesting and I would like to take part. Although, I am a resident of Kilkenny, I travel to Waterford often for family and ecclesiastical purposes. Would it be possible for me to enter in this competition?

    • Hi Joshua, given that you have regular ties to Waterford, we would love for you to enter. Our blog area gives lots of information and tips and when you are ready to submit, you can choose postal or email. Thanks

  4. I know minimum words for the competition is 600 words but what is the maximum? I have a piece I wrote in past 2 weeks by coincidence as I only read of competition last nite on FB but I think it may just about come under the Topic given….thou to what extent it is a story I am not sure.

    • Hi Sean, thanks for your interest. I’m glad you got the information you needed from the website. Unfortunately yes, entries are limited to Waterford resident or native entrants buy we do hope to extend to other counties eventually.

  5. My last comment can be ignored…I see in full guidlines the answer is 5,000 which is fine but my piece would not be suitable as thou identity is a part of it location is not. Grtz.

  6. Hi there
    I have a couple of stories you might be interested in publshing in your bi annual.
    Where would I send them to for consideration?
    Kind regards Richard

  7. Hi, I’m just wondering in regards to the word limit for the competition. Is it dead strict or is a little over 5000 words still okay? Thank you in advance.

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